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Each of the services we provide below can be suited to fit your unique situation.  You may only need us to perform one or a few of these services. We are happy to accommodate whatever your needs may be!

Comprehensive Payroll Solutions by Joe M. Tucker CPA, P.C.

Payroll Tax Deposits:  We will also make sure that you are in compliance by making timely tax deposits on your behalf to the proper state and federal agencies.

Time Collection:  We give you an online solution to deliver your employee time through our secure portal or via email...whichever is best for you!

Quarterly Tax Reporting:  At the end of each quarter we will deliver your quarterly report making sure that you have done all that was required by state and federal agencies.

Pay Calculation:  We will then calculate your employee payroll accounting for necessary taxes and withholdings.

Check Writing or Direct Deposit:  Next is the actual paycheck, which we can deliver via computer printed check or direct deposit.